this life next death

Before I got home
Before I unpacked myself
Before I fed the dog

And up until I landed behind you to say goodbye

I crashed the car on the way home
Rolled it over the rocks into the ocean
Took a bend too fast on the cliff
Ploughed into a truck from the opposite direction
Lay bleeding and guilty I hadn’t died
(All around me, death)

Mourned the dog of my anonymity and peaceful moments
Prepared myself to endure the slicing of sense as I confessed
Slashed and burned what little logic remaindered in the driver’s seat

Stood witness to empty moments
My membership to sin confirmed

As my dog never could do
So I came when called and whispered

Became a torn thread in the ripped fabric

Punctuated the air flowing like a tenor breath

Slid beneath the soles of rescue workers’ boots

Emptied the sky of solitude

Dropped from the night without a wish

Text: © JL Nash, 2014
Images: © Predrag Pajdic & Alexandra Eldridge, 2014


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