He wasn’t thinking
About what it was that he had
But more to mind was
The excruciating emptiness of
Human sound. The antipathy
Of the depth of embrace
He now rested within
Scratched beneath his patellae
Legs ached in remembrance of
Their impact upon flat
Concrete slabs.

Out of sight,
Driftwood danced to the rhythms of
Unanswered questions which no longer
Belonged to him because
Two weeks earlier
He had promised them
As compensation
For the broken tentacles of
Underage jellyfish.

It had brought a relief
As they disappeared
But with each change
Is a transition
A deprivation
Of oxygen
Still his body held
The fear of being stranded
But strength seeps from
Mitochondrial breakdowns and
Thickens cell walls.
This overcoat is perfect for the weather.

When anyone told him that it was time
To grow up and leave it all behind
He permitted himself a nod and smile
All the while facing into the wind
And never letting go
Of the sails which brought him
The stories that bought him
And the breath of Neptune
A stamp of persuasion of parting
Upon his lips.

Text: © JL Nash 2014
Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2014


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