shape redrawn

There’s something about
Your mouth as it widens
A smile showing your teeth
and arms stretching out
As you speak to me
Skin showing
I remember
The length of you
Enfolding me
Those unexpected moments
Where it was easier to stay
and one night, it tore at me
so very difficult to go

I have been wondering
Whether I dreamt you
Conjured you from wishes
Stolen from magical fishes
On riversides or sandy beaches
Late at night when wolves hunted
The dead gathered their skirts
To dance, so many times
Now distracted. So surreal this
Place I now inhabit

I swear some of you
Has lodged itself inside me
Your cells grafted onto mine
In the tussle and tumble
That our games comprised.
Labyrinthian puzzles,
Tufts of your hair have begun
To grow from my skin
The fingerprints
Upon my shoulders
May have faded

But the shape of you
Remains under my skin

Images: © Pato Rivero, 2013, courtesy of the artist
Text: © JL Nash, 2013


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