fallen from grace, risen from man by predrag pajdic & mathieu miljavac

Fallen From Grace, Risen From Man – exhibition – Predrag Pajdic & Mathieu Miljavac
Featuring Sohrâb Chitan, Benjamin Gibert & Anthony Thévenoux
Opening on the 2nd of March 2013 from 3pm
Until the 23rd of March 2013
Wrong Weather Gallery, Porto, Portugal
with the live performance
The Myth Of Yearning Never Ends
by Predrag Pajdic with Anthony Thévenoux
and the original music score by Benjamin Gibert

Predrag Pajdic is a London based artist and curator, who organises high profile art projects internationally as well as writes and lectures on contemporary art and culture. In 2010 and 2011 he was the Artistic Director of the City of Women Festival of Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA in Fashion Design from Central St Martins, London. Pajdic’s artwork has been shown in more than 200 international exhibitions amongst others including Victoria & Albert Museum London, The National Academy of Sciences Washington DC, Exit Art New York, Selfridges London, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Boimans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam, Wellcome Trust London… His work is in the collections of The British Museum London, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, Musee De La Mode Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum London and numerous private collections. His book Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks in collaboration with J.L. Nash was published in October 2012.

Mathieu Miljavac is a Paris-based artist whose taxidermy seeks to question our relationship with everyday and ordinary animals, such as city pigeons and mice. His approach avoids naturalistic representation of his subjects, and focuses instead on creating narrative power. His pieces aim to create a new appreciation of the way in which these totem animals can trigger emotions in us. Mathieu’s work in taxidermy is an evolution of nearly 20 years of creativity in other adjacent industries. For many years, he worked in the fashion industry, as a designer, and in the specialist area of ennoblissement – an ornamentation discipline in couture – making pieces for clients including Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Valentino. He also spent 5 years working on conceptual floral design for clients including George V Hotel in Paris. His work has been exhibited in Paris at L’Eclaireur and Les Mauvaises Graines, and at the gallery Collection of Design in Lyon. It has been used in the touring production of La Mouette by Le Laboratoire de l’Acteur Theatre Company.

Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2013
You can also watch a preview VIDEO HERE


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