blue to green

What can be said
in the body that the mind
cannot express? Look
at me. Every part
springs with spring (or
something) because

you look. I am
in a field that is
fenceless, I am
being taken in
by your vision:
me, then me as image
turned over, then let’s say

rearranged in the mind, your mind.
I suppose one might see the reflection
on the eye itself, your eye that is

blue and marbled and might I
even see it and so this exchange
continuous as long as we are
in this field? This does not
express it but look at me.

Consider the new growth
though this image fails
too I suppose. Tiny shoots
green with failure. My own eyes
green now and silently working

toward an understanding and then
expression finally (or something)
so you know what is expressed—
this is the body talking
and everything around it
falling away so just the body

being given to you
to your blue gaze
to look to look

Text: Blue to Green by P. K. Harmon ©. Courtesy of the poet.
Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2013


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