how shall I say so

How shall I say so
long when neither of us
is to leave: is to leave to

vanish from a place
completely or to set
with the sun, rise with

some moon, some phase
you find yourself in?
To find yourself, oh

to find something
an object of the other,
a side so slippery

an other, not an object
all together: all together
how shall I say so?

Where ever are you,
or I, neither of us is
completely setting with

rising to find a self all
together; this is
to leave, is to vanish?

Let not Reason
not Emotion
find us, find us slippery—

let Nothing find us
there waiting on the step
of itself weeping abstractedly—

no object in the world
there is no object in the world
all together leaving no object.

Let not Clarity
not Darkness
but allow us there both

Text: How Shall I Say So by P. K. Harmon ©. Courtesy of the poet.
Images: © Emiliano Lazzarotto, 2013. The  model is wearing a sweatshirt by TPN. Courtesy of the artist.


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