shoes on fire

Having to be careful of one’s heart’s desire
She has learned to cut her words in half
And allow others to finish them
Just in case the universe is listening

Once she dreamt of feet with wings
High above the aspirations
Of all her sisters until
The dreams took sound

In the days when words were fully formed
And the universe was literal
She wished for thermal currents to lift her
Rise she thought rise

Earthbound she had long accepted
Gravitational pull to keep her centred
But there was her wish, unresolved
Unchanged and calling

One day as she prepared
To fly over boards into the dreams of others
She went into the dressing room and there she found
Shoes on fire.

Text: © JL Nash, 2012
Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2012
Featuring Elizabeth McGorian
Wearing the original 1950s Dior jewelery designed by Mitchel Maer; from the collection of William Wain, London.


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