six hundred days from inception

Six hundred days from inception, and with only 94 hours remaining, the launch of Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks, is soon to be upon us. Its existence after all this time is a testament to each blossoming idea, every creative urge and an abundance of nurturing, all of which have brought to fruition this project. Here, at The Pandorian, we can hardly believe our hearts as we unravel the result of our devotion of alluring artistry to present the book this Friday at

Shangrila Tattoo Parlour, Unit 107, 54 – 58 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP from 6 – 9pm * (see below for more details)

So, now is the time to shake off the cobwebs of disbelief, the dust of yesteryear from your heels and the spice bags that are keeping your best socks pert. Let Friday night lodge inside you as you dress up to greet the theatre of expression as it is presented in Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks. There you will also experience great figures such as Helen McDonald, Ash Mukherjee, Hrafnhildur Benediktsdóttir, Peter M Adams, Barney Ashton, Nicola Canavan and Othon & Tomasini, step from the pages to reveal themselves in mesmerising performances. You want more? Then let this book be indelibly imprinted within your psyche as one of the authors, Predrag Pajdic has the book’s title tattooed upon his body during the evening, by the famously talented and gifted tattoo artist Lesley Chan.

If you haven’t already ordered a copy – bring the folding stuff and come and buy one while you can! This limited edition has already begun to fly out of the door. Furthermore, get it signed by both the authors in amongst the scintillating flower installation by Jérémy Martin and if you do have a copy, then why not buy another one, after all, there’s bound to be someone you could surprise with it.

You know there is no room for less than the best in dress and style. It’s your time to shine in amongst the flowers and colours. Time to sparkle as you appear as you know you are, superior, super smart, hot, haute and glorious. Black tails, white tie or a dress to die for with flowers, pearls and hats to match… Beneath The Shadows’ dress code, like the book itself, is chic, sleek, no compromise! If you haven’t made arrangements to be there, time to make it a date!

* And as if that’s not enough, continue to have a wonderful time from 9pm – early hours at the incredible ‘After party’ situated at

The Drunken Monkey, 222 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6PJ

where you can continue in the revelry of fun and frolic with all the beautiful people that are coming far and wide to join the happy throng -yes, that’s all of you!

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  1. I wouldn’t miss this, can’t wait to get my book and experience a phenomenal evening.