betrayal’s recovery

She wanted to believe in his version
Hard to disbelieve her own mind
His presence loomed instead of diminishing
Her anger grew in proportion to her love

Now stains on the pillow where tears once
Comforted sleeping eyes forgetting
Everything leading to this moment
A jacket hangs by the door, shoes in a locker

When everything believed became empty
Suspicion filled the room and disappointment
Caught like a cough, over coffee
Slippers never had the chance to grow warm

On a line which bends around corners
He walked until his footprints no longer
Marked the floor. She forgot her name
Instead speaking a mantra of love

The impact of cogs and wheels
Measured easily enough since preschool
Rules of love and patience have no book
No library card to become overdue

One Spring morning the silverbirch had grown thicker
A broadsheet replaced the tabloids
Roses scented the kitchen table
Four lips kissed over breakfast and two mouths ate.

Text: © JL Nash, 2012
Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2012, featuring Stephanie Valere, Paris, 2012


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