roberto foddai: autoportraits

The exhibition Autoportraits by Roberto Fodda curated by Francesco Paolo Del Re just opened in Piazza San Giacomo in Cagliari. The exhibition is the first retrospective of the images from this great Sardinian photographer living and working in London for many years.

Assuming each time the form of historical and cultural figures (from Frida Kahlo, Gavino Ledda, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro) and becoming the protagonist of some famous masterpieces in his self-portraits Foddai offers personal vision of myth in the modern world. A reflection of the photographer, which starts from the practice of quotation and challenges the limits of perception and stereotypes of beauty, in an attempt to assassinate the aesthetic with a laughter.

4 – 9 September 2012
Piazza San Giacomo, corner via Sulis, Cagliari, Italy
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