kundalini arts

What do ‘Goldensong’, ‘Cameo, ‘Beatrix’ and ‘Ruby ‘ have in common? Here’s a hint – they also connect with ‘Lotus Love’, ‘Peony Pink’ and ‘Sakura’. What? You can’t guess? Then perhaps you need to look around Myhotel in Brighton or sneak into the most fabulous of Bloomsbury and Chelsea properties, for it is there that the mystery will most definitely give way to grandeur. It is there that the cryptic will manifest colour and texture of the most intimate nature. It’s not flowers although they are featured; it’s not an exotic fruit but Kundalini Arts, the brainchild of British Designers Philip Shadbolt and Mandala Bob.

“…their beautiful,
vibrant works of art combine incredible colour and fabulous detail to create a fresh and
exciting movement in the art and design world…”

They produce silk scarves, silk handkerchiefs and can transfer their designs to interior design pieces to suit on paper or canvas. Kundalini Arts forges patterns, which have become intentions and they are fast finding their place as some of the most desirable accessories both personally and for interiors. Their style, whilst remaining unique, echoes the magic of the orient, the come-hither of Indian mythology as well as unequivocal hints from both art Nouveau and Deco masters.

After seeing their designs, if you’re not wearing a silk handkerchief in a top pocket, don’t be surprised if you suddenly develop a yearning to do just that. Or even, if you get that headscarf, a convertible might just come to pick you up for an afternoon of strawberries and champagne whilst lounging, scented melodies drifting over a balmy afternoon, restoring your faith in romance and finery. What’s that? Don’t believe it? Then consider yourself dared to not be seduced.

© Predrag Pajdic, 2012
Shot in South of France with Philippe Andre & Anthony Thévenoux, May 2012
Featuring the magnificent silk scarves by Kundalini Arts


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