caramel cigarettes

I cannot say it’s supported by facts, but my taste buds’ perception is that Marlboro Blend 27 is a neat box of caramel-flavoured cigarettes. I smoked one this morning and stared at the ceiling after reading your lettre.

Religions are fictions, but feelings are blasting and scorching me, something hitherto unknown to me at such a loud pitch. I did not know how profoundly in love I could be with you, so much that I promise to take care of myself after today whilst you go hunting in the concrete and glass forest of Capitalism.

My tall, beautiful and talented man, today I am full of clichés and comfort foods until I feel the exaltation in accepting you want us to be together again. You are my hero and that is something I should tell you every day. I love you and I am never far from you.


Your Lucius

Text: © Lucius Bod, 2012
Images: © Predrag Pajdic, 2012. With Holcombe Waller, Amsterdam 14 April 2012


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