the oracle

Errikos Andreou
Marco Brollo
Carolyn Cowan
Alexandra Eldridge
Roberto Foddai
Nathan Hanford
Emiliano Lazzarotto
J. L. Nash
Predrag Pajdic
Petra Reimann
Mustafa Sabbagh

In light of a world which now operates beyond its many cultural boundaries, what sacred symbols today deepen our understanding of the human condition? Is the human condition being ground underfoot, at its lowest point, even at rock-bottom as so many economists might present? Or, is it rising, pheonix-like, in full colour and majesty, with all the mystery of secrets yet to be revealed, out of the hopelessness of a near global recession?

Γνώθι σ ‘αυτόν – Know thyself*

As messages were received in the vapours of the Delphic Oracle, so does this international crucible of talent, united for the first time under the same roof, convey their symbols. Mysterious and enthralling, each artist offers a facet of hope, altered and strange; and yet familiar enough in its presentation to remind each one that the spark of life’s breath lives not in any visible organ but in the soul’s interpretation of the golden age inside each human being and a connection to each other. These transformative images and performances strip away the weight of mutal illusion leaving one to acquire empathy for each spark of the combination of soul material captured in this glamourous mix as they become the Oracle – the meta-paradigm of today’s cognisant revelation.

This prestigious collection of work dares to present as a whole, a portal through which each person is called upon to wake from the slumber of their own illusions and choices. It needs no ancient voice from the sky to present the precognition of a brighter future. A future, with new symbols demanding examination from within each person. A future which reaches beyond the Age of Aquarius, beyond the dismal reckoning of inefficient translators of long redundant calendars. These are the voices of today, luminescent and unashamedly opulent as they swiftly inhabit the upper echelons of reason, the power that is beauty and the grandeur that is the future. This exhibition lifts to the glories of the human soul in a breathtakingly exciting new alchemy of quality, not quantity.

Τίποτα που υπερβαίνουν – Nothing in excess*

Modern mankind has slipped into a trance. Mesmerised by the pain of the mundane, now is the time to feast upon a different type of food. To listen to the wise counsel that lives within each of us and wake from hitherto limiting perception and consciousness to the depths of another and another and yet another as each artist insists on casting a magical net. The work looms large and still, there is a sense of the gentle and exquisite in all.

The days of mass production and excess have gone, leaving room only for the most important and influential of symbols and messages. Herein lies the philosopher’s stone. There are no base metals remaining. Everything is metaphorically speaking, pure gold and the transformation crosses over into the subconscious revealing something unique to each.

Κάνει μια υπόσχεση και αταξίες πλησιάζει – Make a pledge and mischief is nigh*

These sophisticated visual stories both tantalise and invite transportation. They herald a new state of knowing of each part of the human soul in all its fire and creativity, skilfully cut like a diamond, sparkling with each image, each colour, each shape and each response it dares to elicit.

2012 is not just a year of prophesies of portent. It is a year of awakening, of a shimmering dawn that presents itself now, whole and willing. It’s the year of the Olympics, it’s the year of new Space exploration and it’s the door opening to what human beings do best, rising above the base slough of pain, poverty and confusion to create and develop the next chapter. A chapter of hope and strength. A chapter of beauty where there are no borders and The Oracle is today, all the voices in the air linked through modern means, creating together a new life.

*Inscriptions taken from the major temple at Delphi

05 January – 05 April 2012

Curated by Predrag Pajdic for

79 Thonglor 8, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Klongtong-Nua , Wattana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand


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