jeremy bilding interview

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.
[William Shakespeare]

After turning himself from an overweight man by following a rigorous exercise programme and a change in diet into an avatar of pleasure and sensuality in adult films and modeling, Jeremy Bilding offers an intimate portrait of his past life, a snapshot of the present, his hopes and dreams in an upfront manner.

TP: Hello, Jeremy. Where are you from?

JB: Well, I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, but really did a lot of growing up post 18 years old in Key West, Florida for 7 years.

TP: From the Boy Scouts, youth camps and studying biology to adult film work. What series of events led you to this career?

JB: I’ve always had an interest in performing in porn. After leaving the Scouts I decided to shed my “Ward Cleaver” persona, and let my real me come out to play. I still study biology as it is my passion, but I get to play first hand with it now quite a bit.

TP: Do you have any regrets about your decision?

: The only regret that I have towards it, is that I didn’t tell the people closest to me quick enough that I was doing it. Some people found out before I could break the news to them first hand, and orient the information down to as many specifics as they were comfortable with. Some people were force fed the entire gruesome details against their own comfort levels.

TP: What are you working on at the moment?

JB: At this particular moment I just wrapped my second appearance as Superman in another movie. I’m also promoting more and shooting a variety of content with a number of studios. I also seem to be booking more appearances and modeling shoots as a result. Either way, I’m working at the moment, and that I can’t complain about at all, right?

TP: If you could change something about the adult film industry, what would it be?

JB: I don’t know how many changes I would make other than acceptance of the performers as a whole. There are some of us that have moved over into “the other side” and have to battle a stipulation that we constantly have STIs (sexually-transmitted infections) or something because of it. We all test and follow the same guidelines that the others do, and it would be nice if everyone came to realise that.

Also, I would probably start promoting some of the ideas that are out there to stop the pirating and stealing of the content that is out there. The content that so many of us worked so hard to make, produce and distribute. I’m not computer genius, but I think that there are ways to encrypt your content for specific sites; maybe releasing viruses once that content has hit a free “tube site” may not be a bad idea. Just like a particular fruit-logoed computer company; people will pay to ensure the safety of their computers. Launch a campaign about everything going on. Mainstream media may be able to use it all as well for all the movies and shows that are stolen and “shared”.

TP: You have been receiving recent exposure for your work as a fashion model. Is this a direction you will pursue further?

JB: I have, and it’s kind of great. I would absolutely and do absolutely pursue most of the offers that come my way. Of course, I’m going to interview you as well and make sure that you’re a legit “campaign” looking for a model for mainstream work, or if you’re still looking for pornographic content. Obviously I don’t particularly care what you’re looking for; but I will be charging you accordingly and mandating particular names and recognition per that “shoot”. I want to make sure that I know where I’m going to show up, and why, and especially that both of us are going to be benefiting from this as
much as possible. I’d love to work for free sometimes, and gain the pics and experience, but my landlord and utilities don’t accept pictures and “Blue Steel” looks for rent and bills.

TP: Are there marked differences between your experiences in fashion and those of your acting endeavours?

JB: Leaps and bounds. The “acting” endeavors that I have taken on are a bit more fluid and carnal, and allow for more natural flowing movements. The fashion world has a completely different look for physically what I’m supposed to look like, as well as how I’m to position my body for the shot. There tends to be a bit more laid back mindset on an adult set, namely to help put you at ease; though both sets have a high level of professionalism.

TP: You resist acknowledging labels about your sexual orientation. For someone comfortable with sex, this is intriguing. Is there a reason for this?

JB: I can’t deny that there is a reason for this. But, it’s my reason. I am incredibly comfortably with sex, as I love it so. My giving myself a label only closes off doors to further explore sexuality and how much more I can even grow as a sexual being. Some people still need to have a label; be it one side, the other or a half and half split. I’m not that kind of guy.

TP: Have any of your colleagues done or have worn something that turned you off during a scene?

JB: Of course. My colleagues that I am often paired with are selected as per the studio. Of course either of us can say no to that pairing, but for the most part we’re just selected to perform a task. We may not even like each other to begin with. There are several people that I have worked with that have a style that I personally don’t like, nor would approach had I seen them in a public setting. We have our types that we like and go for personally; and as performers we create and
work as a character that the studio and production company would like to see us play. I’ve played married men, strippers, pool boys, college frat guys, athletic guys, blue collar and etc, all of which are not particularly my type.

You find a common ground, or get stripped down (physically and mentally) to a point where you are both on the same ground, and you make it work. Usually this is a lot easier when you realise that you’re both horny and ready to release, and that fortunately that is the job for the day. Makes it great.

TP: Would you say you are a spiritual or religious person?

JB: I actually would say that to an extent I am. Not in the traditional practicing/church going sense; but in the sense that I am appreciative and aware of my surroundings and what they provide for all of us individually or as a whole. To some extent you can say that I’m a Naturalist because of this. To some, you may say that I’m a bit Agnostic. I was raised Catholic, though I have my own personal beliefs towards certain aspects of the conformed religions and how they practice and preach. I would not consider myself an Atheist, because there are so many parts of the religions that I do believe to be
absolutely true.

I do think that we are in the beginning to the middle of a religious revolution right now; with technology and the over-abundance of available information at our disposal, combined with the excessive work and status upkeep that society has dictated to us and we have conformed to; thus slacking on the traditional morals and values that we looked to religions to direct us in our daily lives. I think that we’ll see some of society’s uptight stances on particular controversies slacken and relax as we realise that they are not as evil as we once believed; just as I think that we’ll see most of the things we looked to a higher power to explain the unexplainable be replaced by Google.

There will still be essentials that religion will always have a hold on culture with, but it’s going to be an interesting next couple decades as we watch as people start to look more into themselves and their surroundings to create the new communities and spiritualities that they live by, rather than listening to a mass gathering.

TP: Have you taken steps into a new direction or other work you would like to do? Will the financial rewards affect your decision?

JB: As I had said before, I still am studying Biology. I would like to use that as a career path later on down the road. I do know that I have closed off many doors with my current career, but I’ll still do what I can to use it later on. I also have a couple different business ideas that I may try to use my previous work history’s knowledge towards launching in a few years.

Years ago though, I came to realise that I am not of the persona to be driven by money. Most, if not all, people fall into one of the 4 Fs of drive for life: Fame, Fortune, Family and Fun. Unbeknownst or even unbelievable enough to most of my fans and
friends, I am not in for the fame, no matter where I am, including my current profession.

Just as I realised years ago that I’m not happy working my ass off to make as much money as humanly possible. I’d love to make as much money as I can, obviously; but as long as I have a roof over my head, and food on the table, I don’t particularly need or want any more than I need.

I love my family, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also not what drives me to be successful or do what I’m going to do. Rather, the most successful and productive that I am is when I’m having fun. Whether it is camping in the middle of nowhere, working in radio, or as an adult entertainer; I am always better off when I’m happy doing what I’m doing. Mark Twain said “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I fully support and believe this. So, get out there, have fun, and you’ll make the rest work for you.

TP: Thank you very much for this interview. We hope you enjoy an exciting year ahead.

JB: Thank you again for everything. I do hope y’all have a bit of fun with this, and anything we may see coming out in the future.

Text: © The Pandorian
Image: © Michael Ching with Jeremy Bilding for Aykaayka


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