Last night I screamed so hard, the neighbours packed everything they held dear and left. What did I care? For what? Because my soul wants to leave and I will not let it go until I meet you again. I breathe only because I want to meet you again. I breathe only because I love you.

Not one word that comes out of me to hurt you does not hurt me more. I wait for a God that only shows me in the mirror; my own mind and what to do. Hold me in your arms and keep me here at this moment.

When I met you, I thought I was looking at an angel. I thought God was smiling upon this mockery of a life I’ve led. It has taken me so many hours and days and months to accept your love. I will not let my soul go until we live together for years in happiness.

No one is more scared of me than myself. Save me from myself. Do you know what brings me back from the dead? Coco’s love. She does not speak, she just loves me. My cat. Her name is Coco, like Chanel.

Text: © Lucius Bod 2011

Image: © Goran Popovic Coga


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