what’s left of you

All the farm machinery died long
Before I was born
The barn is still there
As well as the tools
Left behind by ancestors
I no longer care for
I never cared for
Now I am the keeper of
Paraphenalia that suits
A life other than mine

Rusted and barbed the broken
Bits of wire and equipment
Call to me as I pass by
But I don’t speak their language
The syntax is so different
That I am left just wondering
At the familiar but strange sounds
Singing like runic charms
Each time I open the doors
To peek inside

I peek inside but I know
It killed the cat so I don’t
Keep one just in case
It’s true better than
Losing yourself I think
As I pass by the well
Better than falling down
Amongst the dust of bones
That should be buried, I don’t know
Why I’m worried about it

It must have value as scrap,
But the horse needs shoeing
And the truck has run
Out of diesel, again
And I keep on hearing
These wonderful mysterious tones
I wish I could understand
Instead of turning up the radio
And feeling lost in a paddock
I don’t remember owning.

There are chains on the floor
And spare tyres on the wall
Of a barn I see empty in my dreams.
In the meantime it
Stands a memorial to time
Before an electronic age.
I haven’t the heart to knock it down
In case somewhere
Hidden beneath an old board
Is a piece of your DNA.

Text: © J. L. Nash, 2011
Images: © Gonzalo Benard


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