anthony goicolea: related

Related is the latest in an ongoing series in which Anthony Goicolea uses drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and installation to explore his family history and identity as well as larger themes of ritual, assimilation and alienation. Like many first generation immigrants, Goicolea experiences a sense of cultural dislocation and is aware of the disjunction between a supposed mythical homeland and his estrangement from it. Confronting this is a series of portraits based on old photographs of family who have lived or remained in Cuba. Drawing these portraits in negative onto layered Mylar and glass, Goicolea reinterprets his family likeness in the form of re-imagined daguerreotypes. He then inverts these homemade negatives to create a positive photographic mirror image of the drawings. Further removing the portraits from their original source, he then mounts the photographs in rural areas of the South where he was raised and in New York where he now lives. Nailed to trees, telephone poles, and the sides of buildings the photos take on the appearance of missing persons notices, ‘Wanted’ ads, or propaganda posters while referencing and memorializing past relatives. The portraits are then re-photographed in their newly contextualized environments, creating a third generation reproduction that furthers the notion of regeneration and self-referential representation while emphasizing their estrangement from the original source.” [Haunch of Venison]

© Anthony Goicolea


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