from… the way of changes

When you measured beauty against the points score of pageantry,
Your life defined inelegance and spectre was your name
When the federal office gave out medals for bravery
It made cowards of all the earth

Then one day everyone could see the invisible and not see what was in front of them
Being intrinsically no different from each other
Perplexity cannot exist without simplicity
The measurement of a kilometre is only valid due to the humble millimetre
How can one fall if there is no ground to hit?
All and any sonic waves belong to the same origin
You cannot look backwards without knowing the position of forwards.

Real gurus stay hidden and don’t have bank accounts
Their actions teach more than publishing houses promise on shelves
Gurus never say yes or no
Each vegetable grown in their allotments belong to whoever picks or gathers
And as soon as harvested, the soil is tended, renewed and made ready

New soil belongs to none and occupies no mind in existence


Text: © J. L. Nash, 2010
Image: © Gabriela Herman


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