yellow sheets

She is watching
The dynamics the same way
She has watched them
A thousand times before
But outside there’s a siren
Police are taking yet another youngster in
To cool down
Or perhaps they‘re not,
Perhaps it’s a warning
The cells are full since today’s Thursday
Pension day
Handouts for dropouts or cast outs
She’s sitting on at a table
He’s awake in the bed
She wonders if he can hear her shouting at him
To let her drain him of the day
And help him sleep
Her perfume a potion for nocturnal repair

Inside away from the lights
The sirens and the cells
Beneath the sheets there is his body and hers
Lies waiting and waiting
Running the feel of her hands
Over his body
Its just imagination
The tea is cold
The coffee is oily

Always saluting the sun
Even if its body or hair
She loves the hair on his body
The curse of these modern times youth is smooth
And they’re all in cells under the gaze
Of policemen and women wishing they
Were under sheets like them right now

Bring on age, bring on the marks on faces and bodies that
Call of all the chapters
And not just the ones shared together –

But there’s so much more
In his face when she looks at it
In the light that streams from the street
And catches the creases in the folds of the bed
Sometimes she wonders if she will get caught in the creases
And the folds of their sheets
Beneath the bright yellow summer
Cover that lays upon the bed right now

She wonders sometimes why she is on this side of the room
Him on the other
She eats midnight snacks to satisfy this yearning
For warmer, tastier morsels
But he is still on the other side of the room
Pouring coffee and it’s oily on the surface
He’s not put off
It’s about diving below the surface
She sees beneath their surface
Even though he still acts as though he works for the bureau
Most of the time

Until the moment that yellow covers and summer laughter
From days and routine
From questions that they needn’t ask
Answers they giggle in knowing
Sirens fade, lights peek from the street behind
The curtains and they are
Under yellow sheets

Text: © J. L. Nash, 2010
Images: © Akasha Rabut


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