When you wake
It will be encrusted with my breath
Salted limbs will break out of patterns
And remnants of old marks of woes and insecurities
Will wing their way above you
As you walk to the toilet
In the dark
Salt crystals beneath your feet

When you wake
It will be covered with my sheets
There will be no need for protection
As hot air fills the night around your head
Caressing your shoulders
As you rest against a pillow
Too soft
Irregular breathing escaping beside you

When you wake
It will be alone
Panic and cramp attack your knees
Your toes losing feeling and everything you fear
Will fly standard borne outside the front door
As you remember the night
When I rose
Polaroids like stepping stones reached out over the floor

Text: © J. L. Nash, 2010
Images: © Youssef Nabil Self Portrait Vincennes, 2003
© Youssef Nabil, Hope to Die in My Sleep, Self Portrait Viñales, 2005


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