the intense murmur of soft voices left behind

This exhibition stands, an artistic platform where art and fashion debate the merits of creation with the viewer. It dares to speak of over 40 international talents who explore the borderland where fashion is art; deepest fears turn into innermost whims, glam replaces gloom and depression metamorphoses into seduction. New perspectives shout of every stereotype and each reaction born of alternative visions.

Lingering Whispers confronts the usual rules of display of contemporary art. Far from the white cubed dogma, the Crypt of the Church of Saint Pancras, where the whisper of the memories of 550 souls rest, blends art with the tombstones, relics, and mysterious hallways. Once ritual spaces offered a chance to worship the divine but today this burial chamber celebrates the human. One year ago, in Waterloo underground station, Kevin Spacey’s Tunnel 228 project knitted theatre and art. Now, in this catacomb, art and fashion merge. Where else than in vibrant and daring London, under the serene protection of the Caryatids, could it have taken place?

The curator, Predrag Pajdic leads, guides, and inspires. His vision has set the path. His passion has been a catalyst for their creation. His energy mesmerizes and in the true sense of cūrā(re), he cares and attends to the needs of creatives and creations. The result is an amazing alchemy, an enchanting journey, a poetic encounter.

This exhibition exists because of the commitment of those who contributed, the vital support of patrons and the outstanding force of the artists and talents who decide it can be. To all of them. Thank You.

Now, let go and surrender!

Text: © Virginie Puertolas-Syn, Lingering Whispers’ Producer
Images: Pages from the Lingering Whispers catalogue

Lingering Whispers catalogue:
Over 200 pages
300 x 230 mm
On satin 130 g paper
Printed in Italy
Published by The Pandorian
Edited by Predrag Pajdic
Designed by Samanta Millaray Vega Ramirez
With contributions by Sarah Bailey, J. L. Nash, Predrag Pajdic
Virginie Puertolas-Syn & Jeanne-Salomé Rochat
Coming out on the 15th of April 2010


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