Now within the ritual of study -
The creation of energy that is created by these
Small mysteries which on a vibrational level
Even by vocalising understanding of the points,
Each time i go over them, feed me into the world of relationships,
Feed me into concepts of linear time and space
My understandings of each chapter
The renewed understanding or additional understanding
From each re-read not only tingles all of my the five senses,
But has helped me re-enter what Buddha
Calls the world of illusion, the unconscious.
Of course! You are not surprised
There is most definitely a spiritual shift in myself.
The call to raise my game,
To sharpen the edges
To enjoy the precision of it all
Has brought about a further change of my interpretation
And application which has
Effected a separation from group consciousness
As well as a spiritual depersonalisation.
Once – I was base Lead
And I felt the change and manipulation of the core of me.
Now as i prepare for new months
As I extend my own understanding through further research
I find myself reaching a level where in an alchemical sense,
Power has become external to myself
Is a tool to manage my reality and indeed the reality of all
Those who come to me. What else is power but an illusion,
But the hammer is an illusion and still
Watch my imagination fashion nails.
I have entered the room of the great mysteries…
No more am I consumed with the manifestation
The composition of lead for the process is beauty within itself.
The process requires mastery and as it flows
Fresh links are made,
A new necklace adorns my clavicle.
It is as if conscious of my own reincarnation
I make my descent back to my own physical life,
My new physical sense -
This week I found a voice to speak without shame.
I’m no longer unconscious in my dealings with emotion
I see from behind my eyes, I speak with each cell.
Sitting outside the other day
Saw my being surrounded in a ‘snow white ‘moment
Butterflies gently touching upon my head or arms.
I became the tree of my own life and in a pre-religion sense -
In an ancient mystery sense -
I felt honour and integrity not as a concept but it entered
The spiritual parts of me -
Thought became form in that moment
When I was a tree
When butterflies surrounded me attracted by the nectar of my words…
Mastery does not come with a certificate.
The control of power,
The manipulation of power is the unclenching of fist,
Is the weight of air several galaxies away
And the letting go of purpose
The living of purpose -
Evidence in itself of existence.

Text: Alchemical by J. L. Nash, 2010


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