wren britton

Wren Britton was born the year David Bowie released Ziggy Stardust… He spent his youth either up in trees reading or making mini-terarriums from Tic Tac boxes for insects he found in his yard. He now passes his time making jewellery and accessories from bones, feathers, hair and objects lost or finally found. He also loves creating clothing from fabrics, remnants, plastic, paper and teenage dreams of New Wave glamour. Wren worships music. Devours magazines with a passion and stays up all hours of the night making things because if he didn’t he “would simply die”. Wren lives and creates in New York. Currently  he is creating a new work specially for the Lingering Whispers exhibition which will open in London from the 6th of May 2010.

Images: © Wren Britton, jewellery 2009


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