barney ashton: barking

In addition to being a poet, playwright and performance artist, Barney Ashton is an intuitive photographer and filmmaker as well as a curator and expert on British archival documentary. His executive production credits include cabaret concerts for DVD with Eartha Kitt and Marc Almond. In early 2008, he appeared on the BBC’s Horizon. The episode, called Alone, involved him as one of the subjects in a psychological isolation experiment in a nuclear bunker. Since 2007, his work has spanned performance poems including Schema/Stasis, 2007, Places I Have Been Raped, 2008, Britannia Is Dead, 2009 and Dogma, 2009. He lives and works in London.

Image: © Barney Ashton, Barking, 2010
a photographic series commissioned for Lingering Whispers
Courtesy of the artist


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