Roads go from tar to red mud in seconds the texture changes
But that’s life isn’t it
The texture can change in seconds and suddenly –
You need different shoes
And the motorbike doesn’t ride as effectively
Who’s kidding – I need a four wheel drive and I hate them
Kid killers
But I moved here and it’s here amongst the dirt and shit that I find myself
A fan of the mining culture
That separates sweethearts
That pays mortgages
That facilitates that paycheque as long as you can manage it
There’s only a few over 60 here
Here I am plying my own wares
And why did we move?
To make money regardless of the landscape
Which is,
If you grew up in Kitwe,
Quite beautiful.
Feels like home in the strangest way
I’m coming to the conclusion
That there is beauty in the hardship and shit
That is life
But I’m not a product of it
I am one who has had the audacity to mark with red and yellow paint
And in that marking
Maintains a chronological order of biltong eaten,
Fanta drunk and honey coated cashew nuts eaten
Mark that if you can
Now watch me thrive.

Text: J. L. Nash, 2010
Image: © Robert and Shana Parkeharrison, The Scribe, 2006
Color coupler print with varnish, 162.2 x 205.1 cm


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