© Dom Agius, 2009

He said with a little hesitation
Honey when you buy the ham
How much do you buy i mean
Is it a herculean amount
Because, (and without hinting)
The ham becomes like henequen
Can appear hetermorphic and even
Hepatotoxic, high in aroma
And hardly appetising
When some is left be-hind

A handful…
And ham is hardly heteroclite
In its hidden state in the fridge
Have you really found it
Hitherto hexed?

Heavens above why not
Buy less he asks her

Is it a hoax
Such histrionics
Over ham
Has it really grown hoary
Hosted in the refrigerator?
Or is this a new hobbyhorse
Her husband has developed
How soon he could be homeless
Now the honeymoon was over

Perhaps I’ll ask for half a handful of ham
She humorously hints at him
And harmlessly, being a hypnotist
On inducing a hypnoidal state at a later date
She helps him to be hungry for more.

Text: © J. L. Nash, Helas!, October 2009

Image: © Dom Agius, 2009


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