devin elijah

© Devin Elijah

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist,
not of the sitter. [Oscar Wilde]

© Devin Elijah

I read a Woody Allen quote once, where he said “At the end of it all, your art doesn’t save you” I suppose I’m trying to disprove that theory, that it’s possible for our art to redeem us from the inadequacies in our actions. That the honesty of our art, is an apology for our mistakes. That’s not where my interest in photography comes from, but perhaps it’s an idea that continues to subconsciously drive me. [Devin Elijah, September 2009]

© Devin Elijah

Images: © Devin Elijah

Devin Elijah is a New York based portrait photographer.
He is also the subject of our next interview.
Coming soon!


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  1. Amazing…and breathtakingly beautiful.