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“A art is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-

Whether you are someone who has had a mid-life crisis or a wanderer who searches the world’s trends and ideas to find direction or even someone who sit at work, dreaming of why, whoever you are, the search for a meaning in life sits within every human being.

How do we find it? Why does it bother some people so much? Do we all need to read philosophy or follow personal gurus to understand even the tiniest part of the why or purpose of our lives? Perhaps we are no more than accidental, or maybe there is after all, some grand plan. How can any of us be sure?

It’s not uncommon for those who actively search for a concrete meaning to the ‘why’ of existence to experience deep frustration. This deep frustration can lead to “noögenic neuroses (1)”. This is different from traditionally psychogenic neuroses. Noögenic (from the Greek ‘noös’ meaning mind) neuroses are not a result of conflict from the outside world. Rather, they come from frustration of the mind, from existential problems. What this means is that not all conflict inside oneself is a bad kind of neurotic. Internal conflict about the meaning and purpose of life is a healthy conversation taking place within the mind.

This deep concern or, in some cases, ‘despair’ over the worthwhileness of living must be seen as an existential problem. It is not a mental illness. It differs from depression although if not dealt with, could be a trigger into depression and psychogenic neuroses.

Schopenhauer said that mankind was apparently doomed to vacillate eternally between the two extremes of distress and boredom. Is some of this feeling of an internal void, this existential distress in fact due to boredom? Could it possible be that we have much more time upon which to ponder this point? Don’t we have more leisure time? Or is it simply an inevitable part of the human condition?

Whether you believe in a deity or the afterlife, or nothing at all, here are some cheeky little suggestions, which may calm the soul and soothe the mind in regard to this ever perplexing question.

The meaning of life is a personal experience, i.e. the meaning understood by one person can only be specific to them.

The purpose of someone’s life can only be fulfilled by that person.

The significance that life holds in the small picture as well as the big picture will be relevant to that person alone.

But what to do if you are experiencing a deep sense of worry or despair over the purpose of your life? The meaning of who you or how you are?

In the words of Viktor E. Frankl,
“ Live as if you living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!(2) ”

He calls on each of us to consider how life is finite and to imagine that the present has already happened and yet, the past is open to change or amendment. Whether we respond with a sense of responsibility to the society around us or simply to our conscience, therein lies our answers.

Widen the visual field of your life and choices, only then, will all the potential meanings available to you become visible to your conscious mind. Then harvest what you find. Feast on it. It will be yours.

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Perhaps you were wrong. You might have been right but pretend, just for a moment, imagine, that you were wrong and that you had anticipated the culture of testimony to have survived longer than it did. You know the one. It’s the culture which seemed to sprout in Harpo Studios with the Oprah Winfrey talkshow to name just one. After all, it took the general population by storm. No longer did you have to be in a trance or speaking tongues, the age of disclosure and testimony had arrived for everyone. The past was a playing field to be shared and explored over and over again in front of bigger and bigger audiences.

But if you are right then this comes as no surprise. It’s over and the next step on society’s ladder has been the acquisition of an empty vocabulary of self-help and therapy. Not that there’s anything wrong with self-help or therapy but this language has crept into the mouths of many, lacking the research, knowledge and intrapersonal insight necessary to make any of it a viable and practical option for themselves.

This new vocabulary, this social language serves two purposes: Firstly it is used as currency. Achievements are only worthwhile if the achiever has traversed the desert, slain dragons and emerged, having completed Jung’s ‘hero’s journey’. It seems no longer enough to exist but the accompaniment of a large amount of bloodstained baggage is essential to the validation of any experience. Secondly it becomes a series of labels.

Words describing emotional states are now merely labels. Furthermore, each label has a caveat of ‘future possible’. Sadly, because of the transience of each moment, each label risks the potential of being no more than a lie as each passing millisecond offers something different. While this vocabulary structures our intentions in the direction of goals of self-actualisation, which of course are always desirable, they never ground the energy of the user into the present.

Unless this is available in the present moment it becomes no more than an illusion to chase after and ultimately will render the adventurer empty, devoid of the present and doomed to never be happy.

You see, the focus of testimony depends on the presentation or sharing of the agues of the past and how this currency or labelling will extend to provide or entitle them to a future result. This often causes the person to spout such nonsense stating they are “a work in progress”. This is no more than an internal contract never to be happy or satisfied with self.

Of course, have a goal or a focus, but once this is set, call in your resources, execute your plan and examine your feet firmly upon the ground. Be in the present moment. If you are attached to the end result of anything and looking forward to that moment, always keeping that illusion of possible future, then the present moment cannot be seen, experienced, appreciated or understood.

Isn’t it time that we stop focusing so much on what we will be next year or next month? Isn’t it time that we allowed ourselves to look in the mirror and be able to say…

“I am finished, at this second, this point in time, to the best of my abilities, in this present moment, I am complete.”

Anything else must surely be a waste of time and energy. Looking to the future will help you to achieve and experience a single moment of completion. If you live in the present, you could, instead, end up experiencing hundreds of thousands of moments in the process of your goal’s completion. If you have ever achieved anything and ended up feeling a sense of anticlimax about the achievement, this is a good indication that you were living in the illusion of ‘future possible’.

While it is prudent to carry an umbrella in view of the raincloud ahead don’t forget to enjoy the texture of the fabric as you tuck it beneath your arm, smell the changing humidity and notice each step, each breath to and from your body.

There is only now and you are complete, worth loving, part of the universe and most of all, present.

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Are you tired of looking the old and boring styles of the stroller and want to do something new for your baby’s stroller? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place because here we’re going to talk about some incredible designs of strollers that are rarely found elsewhere. We have chosen these designs with the help of expert designers to help you decorate your baby’s stroller in a unique and creative way.

Innovative people always have something new in their mind but sometimes they need a little bit help to turn their imagination into innovation. The ideas we’re going to mention in this article will help you bring your imagination to reality. You can either choose to apply these ideas to your baby’s stroller or you can also make some additions according to your needs.

There are unlimited ideas that can be applied to a baby’s stroller and who can be more innovative than new moms to apply those ideas to their baby’s stroller. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and unique ideas that will help bring a new change in your baby’s stroller.

Rainbow stroller

The rainbow stroller is going to work perfectly in all the weathers. The idea is really unique and it is never applied before. All you need to is getting a rainbow cover designed by the manufacturer for your baby’s stroller. The best thing about new moms is that they always want to match their baby’s accessories with their own dress so the rainbow stroller will help them find the perfect solution as they do not have to design a separate stroller cover for every dress they wear.

The rainbow stroller will look bright and beautiful among all others. Try to grab this idea before anybody else.

Bugs Bunny

This stroller will also look amazing and beautiful. There are several Mickey Mouse style strollers available in the stores but you’d have never seen a bugs bunny stroller. The reason why it isn’t found elsewhere is that nobody has thought of applying this idea to the stroller. So, you’re going to be the first mom to adopt this idea.

The idea is really creative but the only thing you must keep in mind while buying the stroller is that you should buy the Umbrella Stroller only because this idea can’t be applied to any other stroller.

Smiley stroller

The smileys have become very common over the past few years. People are now designing the smiley cushions and many other items to make their equipment look different from others. So, why aren’t you participating in this race? You should also step forward and design a smiley stroller for your baby to bring an innovative look to your baby’s accessories. You can also choose to place the smiley cushions and pillows around the baby.

There is nothing better than spending a youthful life, therefore, most of the people try several ways to look younger and attractive. It’s not only the women that are worried about their looks and beauty but many men are also very serious about their looks and they try their best to look younger and beautiful all the time.

This care has not only started recently but people have been taking care of their beauty for many centuries. There are several anti-aging products that are being used these days to help people build an attractive personality. The craze of looking younger isn’t a new trend but the people of past centuries also used to apply several masks to their skin to look younger.

In the past, people use to apply the mask of several plants on their skin to look younger. The Avocado is an amazing example of the plants that were used to change the overall beauty. The same ingredients are now being used in most of the anti-aging products. If you take a look at the history of Arab, you’ll get to know that Arabic women used to apply a special kind of anti wrinkle serum on their skin to look younger and attractive.

The hair loss is considered to be a symbol of old age and most of the people start using different ways to get rid of this problem but only a few can succeed. The hair transplant system looks the invention of the present era but when we take a look at the history, we get to know that the Arabic people used to apply some similar techniques in the past to get rid of this problem. The technology has brought several changes to this method but the basics of the present method are similar to the method that was used in the past.

The white hair can make you look older than your age, therefore, most of the people consider hiding the white hair by applying several hair colors on their hairs every month. The mignonette tree was the best solution to this problem in the past. The Egyptian and Asian people used to apply the paste of the leaves of the mignonette tree on their hair to change their color to black.

This leaves of this tree make special effects on your hair and they change the color of your hair completely. Many Asian people still use this way to change the color of their hair as they consider it to be the best way of changing hair color. The best thing about this method is that it is cost-effective and there are no harmful effects of this met

The newborn babies are really cute and everybody loves to capture some amazing photographs of their newborns so that they can set a separate section for their baby in their family album. But the photography is a unique skill and everybody doesn’t have the essential skills to capture incredible photographs. But we cannot call the expert photographers every time we need to capture some photographs of the newborn.

In this situation, the only thing we can do is to learn the basic skills that are important for capturing amazing photographs of the newborn. You may take a look at the newborn photography Melbourne tips if you want to capture some beautiful photos of your newborn.

In this article, we will share some amazing ideas that you can use if you want to capture the beautiful photos of your newborn. No matter what type of camera you are using for this purpose, these tips would help you in capturing the photographs that are worth sharing on the social media.

So, get ready to capture the beautiful photographs of your newborns to show them to your friends. Here are the amazing ideas you can use if you want to capture beautiful photos of your newborn.

1.     Avoid using night mode

Make sure that you capture the photographs in the morning so that you won’t have to use the night mode because night mode can ruin the quality of the photograph. It is true that the night mode feature can help capture photographs when there is no light available but everybody knows that it can affect the quality of the photograph.

2.     Do not use the zooming feature

The zooming feature can also affect the quality of photographs if you get them printed to apply on the walls. The zooming features will affect the pixels of the photographs and it won’t provide a smooth look.

3.     Proper lighting

The lighting can be very important if you are trying to capture the beautiful photos of your newborn. There is no need to buy the expensive lights. All you need to do is make proper arrangement of lights in the room where you are capturing photographs.

4.     Cute costumes

The costume of the babies may also provide a unique look at the photograph. There are many cute costumes available these days. So, make sure that you buy one for your newborn before capturing photographs.

5.     Sleep time

The newborns spend most of their time sleeping. And the parents want to capture their photos when they are awake. You should consider capturing photos when they are asleep because the babies look cuter when they are sleeping.

6.     Props

The props can also be used on several occasions if you are looking to capture some beautiful photographs of the newborn. Thus, you’d get more likes and comments on those photos. Here are some other tips to follow if you want to capture amazing photos of newborns.

Our skin usually gets damaged during the winter season because of some elements of nature. There are many medical therapies that are being used nowadays to avoid such kind of problems. But the problem is that most of these therapies require a lot of money. And every average person can’t afford to get such kind of therapies every year.

You’d be glad to hear that there are some DIY ways that you can use if you want to avoid skin damage during the winter season. We are going to talk about the techniques that can produce extremely efficient results for you. Most of the techniques that we have chosen to mention here have the ability to produce the results that are a lot better than the lumiclear funciona.

So, you can imagine the effectiveness of these techniques. You should take some immediate steps if your skin has started getting damaged otherwise, it will lead you to many dangerous issues. If you did not take care of your skin during the winter, you’d soon start looking old as the wrinkles would start appearing on your face. Therefore, you should be careful enough about your skin. Here are the DIY ways that you can adopt if you want to have beautiful healthy skin during winter.

Avoid hot showers

The hot showers are the biggest problem in the winter season that affect the health of your skin. Therefore, you should avoid using hot showers in the winter season. However, you can consider using the lukewarm water when washing your hands or face and even when you are taking the bath because you can’t even use cold water in the winter otherwise, you’ll suffer from Pneumonia. The reason why you should avoid using the hot water is that the hot water removes the oils from your muscles that are essential for your skin protection during the winter season.

Moisturizing the skin

Whenever you take a bath or even wash your hands or face, you should immediately moisturize that part of the skin that you have washed. Thus, your skin will stay safe from negative effects of weather. There are many moisturizers available these days that you can use to protect your skin from harmful effects of weather. But before choosing a moisturizer, you should make sure that the moisturizer is completely perfect for your skin.


Usually, people do not drink enough water during the winter as they do not need to do so. However, water is extremely important for your skin even during the winter. So, you should drink ample amount of water every day so that your skin may remain healthy throughout the winter.

Overnight moisturize

Make sure that you apply the moisturizing cream on your hands and face when you are going to sleep. Overnight moisturizing can produce better results than the morning. Here are some other ways to have beautiful healthy skin during winter.

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